Bari automation systems

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The automatic house is the future


Living in a connected home is the dream of many. Home automation consists in the addition of a digital intelligence to the most common electrical functions of a home or an office. Among the many activities that characterize the experience of S.E.T.I. Srl there is a wide range of solutions for the design and construction of home automation systems in Bari. Home automation is often thought as a very expensive dream house. It is wrong. Today, in fact, automation is a within reach reality.

The advantages of automation


With home automation, your home can do a lot of things in your place, and will save you time and consumption, with real consequences on your energy bill.

For example, thanks to thermo-control systems it is possible to handle the heating in a dynamic and efficient way. Or, thanks to the addition of other technology systems, it is possible to control and improve what is involved in home lighting, without turn on the lights uselessly.

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Innovative Solutions


Through these solutions you can manage all the functions of a connected home, accessible, integrated, fast and efficient: with the supply of these advanced components of BTicino, a historical supplier of S.E.T.I. Srl, we can design and realize various types of home automation systems. Based on specific directions agreed with the customer, you can get a smart home, which also communicates with you when you aren't at home and use multiple functions at the same time, depending on the changing needs.