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A well-established and highly specialized experience in the realization of wirings in Bari: in every type of plant and everything that can make your home connected, efficient, safe and smart. S.E.T.I. Srl , Sistemi Elettrici Tecnologici Industriali, is a well-established reality that operates on the whole territory of Puglia and beyond. The S.E.T.I. Srl company, in fact, extends its reach beyond the region, thanks to its seriousness, the quality of the interventions and the care in the relationship with the customer.
Impianti elettrici Bari

Photovoltaic plants

The realization of one of the most innovative and advanced photovoltaic systems solutions in Bari, on the national scene, is the flagship of S.E.T.I. Srl: an ever-evolving and increasingly center of energy efficiency policies.

Domotica S.E.T.I.

Automation Systems

Living in a connected home is the dream of many. This means to add a digital intelligence to the most common electrical functions in home or in office. Among the many activities that characterize the experience of S.E.T.I. Srl you have to consider, especially ...



Our Plants


In addition to any type of basic electrical plant and its associated transformer cabins, medium and low voltage, S.E.T.I. Srl is characterized by the excellent execution of various types of systems:

Video surveillance systems

Intrusion devices
rilevazione fumo
Smoke Detection Systems
cabina elettrica
Transformation cabins
Sound diffusion systems
Atmospheric discharge systems
cabina elettrica
Telephone equipment

Public lighting systems

Our Partners


A further guarantee of the professionalism with which each project is conceived and executed is made up of a network of suppliers made by major national companies in the sector, such as Bticino, Vimar, Beghelli, Fosnova: specialized in the creation of particularly innovative management interfaces with which to optimize energy consumption on all the functions of a home or an intelligent office.

Professionalism, Experience and Quality


The company's structure and organization allow it to operate contemporary on several sites and to work on various projects, guaranteeing to the customer the respects of the timing delivery. The staff of S.E.T.I. Srl is made up of an excellent team of highly qualified professionals. The management of each work requires, after the signing of the contract, the inspection, the release of the specification or the metric calculation, the creation and testing. To conclude: ordinary maintenance and, if necessary, standard assistance.